World of Coca-Cola


World of Coca-Cola 'Scent Discovery'



Welcome to the vibrant universe of our experiential game of “Scent Discovery” designed exclusively for the World of Coca-Cola. In this interactive creation, we meticulously crafted fantastical landscapes in stunning CG to transport players into a new dimension, where color, memories, and fun challenges seamlessly intertwine.

The game itself, designed with our partners at Local Projects, places the Coca-Cola ambassador in charge, reading off clues and leading one of four unique experiences each time the game is played throughout the day. As players embark on this delightful adventure, a life-sized projection encompasses the room and bubbles representing their favorite carbonated beverage reveal scents when guessed correctly. The game unfolds into a seasonal climax that interlaces memories and aromas all within a landscape tapestry.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Chace Hartman
  • Art Director: Madison Ellis
  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
  • Executive Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
  • Deputy Head of Production: Nakia Cooper
  • CG Supervisor: Michael Cafarelli
  • Sr Producers:  Andrew Rindlaub, Christina Yiallouris
  • Designers: Michael Cafarelli, Susie Scheer, Mauricio Villa, Garret Walter
  • 3D Generalists: Michael Cafarelli,  Garret Walter, Mauricio Villa
  • Compositors: Michael Cafarelli, Garret Walter, Mauricio Villa
  • Storyboards: Jasper Yu
  • Mix & Sound Design:  Sonic Union

The Landscapes

Play each season to watch the scent profiles come to life. 

In translating the journey to a functioning product, we decided to break the story down into a series of short loops. This would allow for more freedom and better pacing when experienced by an audience. The ability to wait in a stage for a little longer, but still have the visuals advance in a seamless transition was very important to us. Every animated object, including grass, trees, bubbles, scent objects, and abstract objects needed an animation that was loopable without appearing obviously looped.

*See if you can spot our easter egg to the furry mascot of the Coke brand.*









In Situation

Behind the Scenes

"The creative process for developing the landscapes in the early phase provided an exciting ride. There needed to be a careful balance between a grounded, real-world foundation, as well as a more fanciful scent-based imaginary one to evoke certain aromas and memories. We initially started with very overt references to the specific scents we were aiming for, but then as we developed the scenes, we evolved to a combination of realistic seasonal vegetation and abstract designs."