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Jumping back into another round with the gang over at Zebra, we continued to push the style, and drive home UnitedHealth Group’s positive influence on the world. Taking cues from our past work and adding in a bit more storytelling, we created characters and landscapes that mimicked the transformative process and utilized the talented band of artists at GS to construct a fun, energetic world. For us, it was important to pair the humanity of the craft with an aesthetic that represents the diverse group of people that UHG covers. Check out both spots and the transformative worlds we created.


  • Production Company: Scholar
    Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
    Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
    Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
    Art Director: Macauley Johnson
    Producer: Nikki Maniolas
  • Designers: Macauley Johnson, Danni Fisher-Shin, Trish Janovic, Kelly Jung, Angela Ko, Hanna No, Chris Phillips, Yuki Yamada
    2D Animators: Macauley Johnson, Danni Fisher-Shin, Lauren Tom, Jeffrey (Jip) Jeong, Andrew Pabon, Henry Pak, Pablo Robleto, Andrew Tan
    Cel Animators: Nicole Stafford, Sean Buckelew, Regis Camaro, Lyuben Dimitrov, Taik Lee, Jamal Otolorin
    Compositor: Rachel Choi
  • Client: UnitedHealth Group
    Agency: Zebra

'What Works'

"We are always impressed when a brand continues to evolve itself, and even more so as the landscape around us changes so dramatically."

Cast of Characters