'Bullseye Saves the Day'



We love nothing more than adventures with Bullseye and this time around, it was bigger and better than ever!

Partnering with Target & DreamWorks Animation, we crafted a unique narrative with Bullseye as a skateboarding Production Assistant on a Hollywood backlot. With every ollie, kickflip, and carve we follow Bullseye as he helps solve movie-magic problems and makes everything run... eer skate..smoother throughout our various sets. Along the way, watch him extinguish dragon fire, bring sparkling joy to Trolls, and weave past a T-Rex... and WOW is she a big one! We can never get enough of Bullseye as he kicks and cruises along in yet another memorable tale. Thank you to Target & DreamWorks for being such fun collaborators!


  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Chace Hartman
  • Managing Director/EP: Christina Roldan
  • Art Director: Ana Chang
  • Sr Producer: Gregory Behrens
  • Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
  • CG Supervisor: Brice Linane
  • Designers: Ana Chang, Liam Elias, Cristina Barna
  • Model/Texture Artists: Krista Albert, Constance Benson
  • Rigging: Kathy Li
  • 3D Animators: Mike Garcia, Han Hu, JoAnn Kang, Doug Litos
  • Lighters: Liam Elias, Ieva Callender, Mirelle Underwood, Anne Yang
  • FX: Mark Ingle
  • Lead Compositor: Dae Kang
  • Compositors: Sang Lee, Rachel Moon, Daniel Raschko
  • Flame Artist: Dae Kang
  • Storyboards: Fred Fassberger
  • Trolls How to Train Your Dragon Character Animation: Dreamworks
  • Music & Sound Design: In House Music+Sound
  • Track Name: 'Bullseye Backlot'
  • Client: Target


"We loved having the opportunity to have Bullseye skating through this one, so making sure his body language and the tricks he pulled off were believable and authentic was imperative. Particularly for a dog with stylized body proportions!"

"In our process, we wanted the journey from studio backlot to makeup trailer to movie set to all feel seamless. So making sure our narrative vignettes were complimenting each other was something we kept a close eye on in order to achieve this."

"Being smart about how we built our environments creatively and technically helped to get the most out of Bullseye’s performance and what he was doing throughout the story, while still feeling like he was traveling through several mini-adventures that all blended together."

"From the clacking of skateboard wheels on the pavement to the hustle and bustle of grips on set, we wanted to capture every sonic aspect to compliment the images on screen. Partnering with our friends at In House Music, we struck the perfect balance of sound and picture no matter where you are watching. We hope you can sit back and enjoy the show as much as we certainly did!"