Southern Nevada Water Authority


Southern Nevada Water Authority 'Community Layers'


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We teamed up with our friends at R&R Partners in an effort to capture the impact of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, one of the nation’s most progressive and comprehensive water conservation programs. It was our mission to a craft a fun-filled story set on delivering eye-catching content that could underscore the SNWA and help garner the attention they deserve. 

The beautiful animated scenes brought out the best of our team and helped to present SNWA’s message in a bright and energetic tone. We set out from the beginning to build CG sets that personified the best places Nevada has to offer and added a splash of quirkiness with the characters an their animated moments. 

  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke 
  • Art Director: Juan Carlos Cuadra
  • CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
  • Sr Producer: Nikki Ferrara
  • Designers: Cam Floyd, Vin Kim, Jina Kwon, Christina Liang
  • Model/Texture Artist: Allan Bernardo
  • 3D Animators: Jasmin Barajas, James Lane, Hillary McCarthy, Sarah Wolfe
  • 3D Generalists: Jacques Clement
  • Lighters: Ryan Kaplan, Patrick Warner, 
  • Compositors: Matt Lavoy, Kevin Njoo, Christopher Russo
  • Client: Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Agency: R&R Partners


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