Salt 'Everything's Better'


Recent, Animation

A world made entirely out of salt. That was the vision we had when Grey San Francisco came to us with the simple and elegant script for the Salt Institute. We worked together to craft a world that could convey the differing subjects the VO touches on. Our main goal was to meld these worlds together into one seamless journey that could encapsulate the entire feel of the campaign, and combined live-action elements with CG to blur the lines of what was practical and what was not. The campaign spread into print and web, and we loved being a part of the entire process, assisting in the layout and design of the comps.

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Rachel Kaminek
  • Senior Producer: Emily Gleicher
  • Art Director: JP Rooney
  • Technical Director: Henry Foster
  • VFX Technical Director: Yates Holley
  • 3D Artists: Damon Snyder, Andy Kim, Tim Katawaki and Dony Permedi
  • Matte Painter: James Levy
  • Compositors: Brian Williams, Matt Lavoy
  • Client: The Salt Institute
  • Agency: Grey San Francisco

"Everything's better with a little salt."

Pieces of Salt

It’s true that everything is better with a little salt. However with every salt crystal there was a ton of work to be down to create our landscapes and seamless transitions. Using a range of practically shot elements, CG particles and well-designed vignettes, we wanted to show off all of the effort that went into carefully crafting on of our favorite spots.