Porsche 'Pop Star'


Recent, Animation, Live Action

What is more iconic than the design and legacy of the Porsche 911? When Cramer-Krasselt came to us with the opportunity to help introduce the all new model of this legendary car we jumped at the chance. Together we dove deep into the archives of memorabilia and from there began to puzzle together the story of the 911’s impact on pop culture and how that history is built into the new 2020 Porsche 922.

The goal from the onset was to craft a series of spots that were visually engaging, nostalgic and forward looking, and appealing to not just collectors and owners but to enthusiasts of all ages. Using the clean silhouette of the car as the visual anchor point, we were able to showcase a wide variety of products and worlds from playful and poppy toys, to a simple paperclip.

The 911 isn’t just a (fast) car, it is a pop star!

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Chace Hartman
  • Managing Director / EP (LA): Jo Arghiris
  • Managing Director / EP (NY): Christina Roldan
  • Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
  • Director of Photography: Russel Swanson
  • Art Directors: Dennis Go, David Rowley
  • Senior Producer: Gregory Behrens
  • Designers: Liam Elias, Zach Herdman, Amy Wallace, Tomo Beddie, Will Burkart, Lauren Cash, Theo Daley, Chris Guyot, Jay Kim, John Magbanua
  • 3D Animator: John Magbanua
  • Compositor: Daniel Raschko
  • Flame Artists: Dae Kang, Bryan Rosenblum
  • Editorial: Scholar
  • Editor: Dannette Mehalik
  • Music, Mix & Sound Design Company: In House Music + Sound
  • Director of Music: Christopher Wray
  • Mix: John Spiker
  • Sound Designer: Ryan McCullough
  • Writer: Mark Hadley
  • Track Name: 'The Distance'
  • Client: Porsche
  • Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

“The Porsche 911 image and legacy has found its way into almost every type of product out there. Working together with Cramer-Krasselt and Porsche, we dug deep into the vast archive of both historic and modern memorabilia to craft the narrative.”


We made the iconic silhouette of the 911 the hero, right in the center of our frame. Using that as the visual anchor allowed us to cut, animate, and transition through as many images as we could imagine without losing focus on the car itself and its influence across years and mediums.”