'Meetings Imagined'


Recent, Animation, Live Action

We are huge fans of different uses of multimedia. When we get a chance to pair papercraft and live-action with cell animation and CG, we are happy campers. In this spot for Marriott, we flexed all of our creative muscles and helped create a clever journey through the way the meeting place has evolved. Hope you enjoy.


  • Production Company: Scholar
    Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
    Executive Producer/Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
    Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
    Producer: Nikki Maniolas
    Designers: Trevor Conrad, Sarah Beth Hulver
    Paper Craft Artists: Tommy Perez, Gautam Dutta
    2D & Cel Animation: Harry Teitelman
    3D Animation: Tim Hayward, Michael Tavarez, Matt Connolly, Ben Grangereau
    Lighting/Look Development: Ovi Bogdan
    Compositing: Scott Crawford, Romel Pablo, Soyoun Lee
  • Agency: Team One
  • Music Company: HiFi Project

“There is an inspiration in building something with your hands. Delicately cutting, folding, and gluing the props together infused the project with another level of creativity.”