KFC 'Famous Bowl'

When Jack Harlow takes a bite of KFC’s Famous Bowl, we travel through his mind, leaving the world of live action for a 2D-scape, alive with electric cel animation. We transport the viewer through Jack’s memories of all the good times with KFC, from young Jack getting food with his dad in the KFC drive-thru to a rookie Jack hanging in his basement, bonding with his best friend Druski, eating good food and talking about their dreams. In this animated journey, you will be pulled into a visual thread of what goes on inside Jack’s brain with a single bite of that crispy, juicy, KFC chicken.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Will Johnson

  • Art Directors: Amy Wallace, Hana Yean

  • Executive Producer: Kate Aspell

  • Producer: Mary Mondrus

  • Associate Producer: Spencer Moritz

  • Designers: Danni Fisher-Shin, Jina Kwon, Kyle Fewell, Siena Mae, Michelle Ouellette-Thompson

  • 2D Animators: Robin Ferber, Mikhail Pakhomov

  • Cel Animators: Josh Parker, Aly Tain

  • Storyboards: Jasper Yu

  • Assistant Editor: Adrianna McKinley

"It was important to portray our real-life celebrities, Jack Harlow and Druski, with a stylistic approach that fit their cool attitude and swagger, while ensuring we preserved their likeness."


"Certain design choices were made to amp up the final look, keeping characters stylized yet simplified to lend more flexibility in animation, and bringing in more details and lighting to the environments since they were standing still as the characters moved through them."