Google Lens


Google Lens 'Vogue Ball'



The Ball scene of 1980’s New York City was home to a vibrancy second to none, where elegance and dance reinforced a culture of empowerment that transcended the ballroom and impacted the world. So we were more than excited to bring some of our passion to the table as we partnered with Google and Hook to help highlight this iconic movement, creating an illustrative adventure that quite literally leaps from the pages of the New York Times Magazine using Google Lens AR.

Hook’s stirring script built the foundation for a beautiful journey of electric animation and their open invitation for the talents of Scholar to visually explore these moments, from cel animated showstoppers to liquid lights and flashy transitions, allowed us to bring the world to life.


Design & Animation: Scholar
Associate Creative Director: Macauley Johnson
Art Director: Hana Eunjin Yean
Managing Director: Jo Arghiris
Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
Producers: Seth Gantman, Nicky Maser
Designers: Jina Kwon, Cam Floyd, Irma Hasanic, Antoinie Eugene, Nick Iluzada, Claire Kho, Pablo Robleto
2D Animators: Irma Hasanic, Antoinie Eugene, Pablo Robleto, Matt Incontri, Daniel Prayogo, Jip Jeong
Cel Animators: Ana Chang, Michael Relth, Matt Everton, Taik Lee

Client: Google
Agency: HOOK

"Follow the flashing lights and fierce looks on an illustrative adventure that literally leaps from the pages of the New York Times Magazine using Google Lens AR."


"Using vivid colors and liquid cel animated transitions we created a celebration of light and life that flows from one scene to the next and knows when to strike a pose."