Froot Loops

'Color Quest'

"The challenge was to create an episodic series of quests exploring where each Froot Loop color comes from. Starting from scratch, we imagined 6 color worlds, the crazy characters that lived in them and the journey our heroes would face. Each world had to feel unique while still being a part of the larger Froot Loops universe."

Red World

Orange World

Yellow World

Green World

Blue World

Purple World


"We crafted lush and colorful environments in our concept design phase with every prop and set designed to help tell the story. Sam and the kids interact with their surroundings and really come alive through texture and lighting."

"Toucan Sam has been an icon our entire lives. It was an honor and a big responsibility to re-imagine him as our guide as he leads our heroes to follow their nose. His warm smile, welcoming eyes, and bird-like gestures were familiar qualities we wanted to evolve for a new generation of fans."