'What If'


Recent, Animation, Live Action

It’s not often we talk about sports and investments in one sentence. With Fantex, we had the opportunity to take an artistic approach to both of these markets, building on the natural energy and exhilaration of athleticism, while seamlessly integrating the core message of Fantex’s services with clean typography. Using matte painting and tracked graphics integrated into live action, we were thrilled to see it all come together in an intriguing spot introducing a new, more exciting way to invest.


Production Company: Scholar
Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Line Producer: Mirjam Kositchek
DP: Kevin PhillipsPost Production Company: Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Art Director: JP Rooney
Producer: Tyler Locke
Designers: Heather Aquino, Macauley Johnson, Shawn Lee, Jordan Lyle, JP Rooney, Sang Shin, Tommy Wooh
Animators: Macauley Johnson, Shawn Lee, Jordan Lyle, Sang Shin
Matte Painter: James LevyEditorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Brandon Porter

Agency: Heat
Producer: Brian Coate
Copywriter: Peter Megler
Art Director: Andy Slopsema
Creative Director: Mark Lawson

Client: Fantex

“There’s a subtlety to the way that athleticism is captured in sports. We took on the concept of removing the clutter and focusing on that through-line of feeling and what is real.”