ESPN Fantasy Football 2019


Recent, Animation, Live Action

Friends + Football = Fantasy.

Kitchen + Sink = Scholar.

Why choose one style when you can keep everything on the table? That’s how we do it.
We let our imagination run wild in this equation-filled campaign for ESPN Fantasy Football, lassoing together the likes of sleepy pandas, evil magicians and the perfect pair of summer jorts.

Leaning into the strengths of our multi-hat-wearing artists, enabled us to leap from style to style crafting each visual with a unique flavor. All threading together into punchy edits that drill home the simplicity of what makes Fantasy Football so perfect. Friends + Football. And sometimes wings.

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Will Johnson 
  • Managing Director: Jo Arghiris 
  • Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll 
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke 
  • Associate Creative Director: Chris Finn 
  • Associate Producer: Kev Jones 
  • Designers: Madison Ellis, Gretel Cummings, Hanna No, Jina Kwon 
  • 2D Animators: Kenny Kerut, Henry Pak, Lauren Tom, Zac Miller, Jeffrey “Jip” Jeong 
  • Cel Animator: Lyuben Dimitrov
  • 3D Generalists: Cameron Scott, Jeremy Ramirez 
  • Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy
  • Editorial: Scholar
  • Assistant Editor: Dominic Strazulo 
  • Client: ESPN
  • Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

The Spots

"Each animation or piece of footage was carefully curated to the equations so that the range in our mixed-media approach felt balanced and unique.”

“Turkeys and pandas and butter. Oh my!”

Wedging our mixed-media feel into the photography of players, we translated the skillsets of each NFL athlete into exciting 2D animation moments.”