ESPN Fantasy Football 2.0


Recent, Animation

What do you get when you want to push even further past the weird with all new equations, all-new styles, and all completely animated? You get ESPN Fantasy Football Round 2. When ESPN approached us to help them create a new round of spots for Fantasy Football, we couldn’t help but high five and let loose to create crazy new worlds for every shot.

Utilizing our collective strengths, we brought together the minds of all our artists to conjure up situations inspired by every word in the equations. This time around, we went full animation, filled with 3D, 2D mixed media, and integrated type. With a sprinkle of a weight-lifting hot dog, a confused cowboy, and a very cool pineapple, you get the perfect concoction of what Fantasy Football is all about.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Will Campbell
  • Art Director: Madison Ellis
  • Managing Director: Jo Arghiris
  • Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke
  • Producer: Mary Mondrus
  • Designers: Amy Wallace, Antoinie Eugene, Chris Finn, Danni Fisher-Shin, Madison G. Kelly, Liam Elias, Sean Martin, Vin Kim, Zach Herdman, Kevin H. Kim, Stephanie Lin, Seba Morales, Erich Nemcek, Siena Mae
  • 2D Animators: Daniel Prayago, Kenny Kerut, Min Kim, Sam Button, Anna Vallario
  • Cel Animators: Taik Lee
  • 3D Generalists: Ryan Musselman, Samuel Davidson, Jacques Clement
  • Editorial & Sound Design: Scholar
  • Assistant Editor: Chad Van Horn
  • Mix: One Union
  • Senior Engineer: Joel Hopper
  • Assistant Engineer: Michael Swarce
  • Studio Manage / EP: Jaylen Block-Smith
  • Music:
  • Artist & Track Name: “8 Track” by Corbett Wilkie
  • Agency:  BSSP
  • Client: ESPN

"It was important to us throughout the process to look at the spot as a whole - creating a balance between style, approach and color. Each vignette feels like a brand new idea but perfectly fits together as a complete and colorful ESPN puzzle.”

“Clarity was key in designing these shots; the pacing is fast and exciting as we go through each of the equations, so our goal was to capture each word clearly while still keeping the concept outside the box.”


We pulled inspiration from everywhere - NFTs to video games to the fruit sitting on our kitchen counter.”