'Dimensions' SCAD Fashion 2023


Animation, Live Action

“Dimensions” metaphorically portrays the creative process through a multi-dimensional journey. The film follows five heroes pulled into unique worlds who interact with their inhabitants and gather the knowledge required to exit the multiverse. With each step of the journey, we delve deeper into the multi-dimensional landscapes of a creator’s imagination, exploring the boundless possibilities of their creative vision and the inspiration that fuels it.

The film debuted at the 2023 SCAD Fashion Show in Atlanta, GA, kicking off an exciting runway showcase of graduating student garments.

  • Production Company: Scholar

  • Director: Chris Finn

  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll 

  • Director of Production: Tyler Locke

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh 

  • Line Producer: Richard Kaylor

  • Cinematographer: Josh Saideman

  • Production Designer: Parker Beck

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Chris Finn

  • Associate Creative Director: Vin Kim

  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

  • Director of Production: Tyler Locke

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh 

  • Sr Producer: Kev Jones

  • Lead Designers: Chris Finn, Vin Kim

  • Designers: Liam Elias, Leah Evans, Zach Herdman, Jina Kwon, Siena Mae, Nick Scarcella

  • Lead 2D/3D Animators: Chris Finn, Vin Kim 

  • 2D/3D Animators: Michael Cafarelli, Leah Evans, Zach Herdman

  • 2D Animators: Alex Bernas, Danni Fisher-Shin

  • FX Artist: Tim Hayward

  • Senior Compositor: Ryan Kaplan 

  • Compositor: Dae Kang 

  • Media Manager: Adrianna McKinley

  • Editorial: Scholar

  • Editor: Chris Finn

  • Assistant Editor: Adrianna McKinley

  • Telecine: 

  • Colorist: Elliott Powell 

  • Color Producer: Juan Felipe Díaz

  • Mix, Sound Design & Music: Cypher

  • Sound Design & Mix: Joseph Sims, John Black

  • Score: Joris van Grunsven

"The film combines an array of artistic approaches including design, animation, dance, live action, music, and stable-diffusion AI. Each medium is seamlessly woven into a rhythmic aesthetic and wrapped by atmospheric visuals filmed on SCAD's leading-edge LED volume stage."

On The Runway


"We created a diverse collection of worlds, utilizing unique textures and ownable color palettes for each that would allow for the curation of select garments into each world. In addition, 100 student garments were carefully fitted, placed into each world, and filmed on stage."