CDC 'Inside Knowledge'



When The CDC came to us with the opportunity to share personal stories of female cancer survivors in the hopes of educating on women's health, we knew this was a very special project.

Each moment and experience was very real and very different, but also somehow alike. To create a unified message, we began crafting these stories by audio recording their experiences first hand. We wanted the emotion to translate as authentically and personally as possible. So we set off to carefully weave these personal stories and feelings by way of visual metaphors and fluid moments.

Throughout the entire design process, we curated our approach to ensure that the visuals resonated with the stories seamlessly. The incredible challenges, strengths and stories these women have to offer is a testimony to their survival while offering an important message surrounding women's health on an even larger scale. We were so thankful to be the ones to help tell those tales.


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Chace Hartman
Executive Producer: Nic Barnes
Managing Director: Christina Roldan
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Senior Producer: Aleen Kim
Production Coordinator: Marcus Fussell

Art Director: Amy Wallace
Character Design: Min Kyung
Designers: Amy Wallace, Ana Chang, Zach Herdman, Claire Kho, Nicole Jooyeon Choi, Lizzi Akana, Liam Elias, Hana Eunjin Yean, Connie Van, David Pocull
Lead Animator: Jaewoo Park
2D Animators: Amy Wallace, Jaewoo Park, Mark Phillips, Will Pittas
Cel Animators: Mark Phillips, Will Pittas
Model/Texture & Pre-Vis Artist: Liam Elias
3D Animator: Jaewoo Park

Art Director: Ana Chang
Character Design: Min Kyung
Designers: Ana Chang, Amy Wallace, Zach Herdman, Nicole Jooyeon Choi, Lizzi Akana
Lead Animator: Lizzi Akana
2D Animators: Ana Chang, Lizzi Akana, Andy Kennedy
Cel Animators: Lizzi Akana, Andy Kennedy, Harry Teitelman

Editorial: Scholar
Editor: Dannette Mehalik

Mix & Sound Design: Sonic Union
Mix & Sound Designer: Rob McIver

Music: Premium Beat
Track Names: "Gospel Trail" and "Clear Plans"

Client: CDC
Agency: Ogilvy



"We went through countless creative brainstorming sessions, sketching, writing lists of ideas, and trying different metaphors. This team worked tirelessly to find the perfect connecting tone to the journey that would translate into powerful visuals and storytelling."

"It was wonderful working directly with each survivor and getting to know their personal stories. It gave us a chance to interweave their personalities into each piece and make it their own. These women are so strong and we are so lucky to have gotten the chance to bring their experience and message to the world to life."