BRIC Foundation 'Summit'


Recent, Animation

Empowering perspectives, lifting up underrepresented voices, and bringing everyone along for the conversation. The BRIC Foundation’s mission is one we strive to embrace and embody in all that we do.

So when BRIC asked to team up with us once again for their 2021 Summit, we were all in. As we dove into helping craft the concept and visuals, populating the world surrounding our script, our story crystallized: a baton-pass of spoken word, different voices picking up where the other leaves off. Telegraphing these metaphors and key messages through design and animation, we bring the viewer with us on a journey of growth and transformation. One that we hope captures the excitement of a future we’re all building towards.

  • Creative Director: Will Johnson
    Managing Director/E.P.: Jo Arghiris
    Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy
    Head of Production: Tyler Locke
    Producer: Mary Mondrus
  • Design Lead: Irma Hasanic
    Designers: Danni Fisher-Shin, Hana Yean, Jina Kwon, Madison Kelly, Mike Tavarez, Kris Sharabinskaia
  • 2D Animators: Kenny Kerut, Irma Hasanic, Sam Button
  • Cel Animators: Danni Fisher-Shin
  • Sound Design & Music: Scholar
  • Creative Director: William Campbell
  • Voice Talent: Kendra Fountain, Aaron Goodson, Veda Howard
  • Production: Andrew Atkin
  • Mix: LIME
  • Audio Engineer: Peter Lapinski Production: Susie Boyajan

weight: 400; color: #ffffff;">“We had multiple designers interpret different parts of the script and stringing them together was a great and rewarding challenge. Different voices coming together to make something inspiring.”

weight: 400; color: #ffffff;">“We dove into animation with the goal of clarity in mind, while also using multiple techniques to reflect our wide range of inspiration for this project.”


Inspired by BRIC's initative, we created a virtual gallery to house all of the art that our team has been creating through the years. Inspired by the positive impact of wanting to make a change or even putting pen to paper to help inspire others to do the same, we invite you to hop into our very first virtual gallery. Stretch out your legs and eyes as you walk around a little bit." target="_blank" rel="noopener">Step Inside