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Apple TV App 'The Making of Kemp Powers'



It was a privilege to bring Kemp Powers’s words of inspiration to life for this mini-documentary collaboration with Apple TV. As Pixar’s first black writer and director, Kemp Powers explored the contributions and achievements of underrepresented storytellers through the eyes of today’s creators.

We brought his message to life through the development of a visual style inspired by Pixar’s pre-production design process. As creators with a multitude of backgrounds, Kemp’s words truly resonated with us and his conversation encompasses everything that inspires us about the future of creativity and our industry as a whole.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Mike Tavarez 

  • Art Director: Amy Wallace

  • Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy 

  • Director of Production: Tyler Locke

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh

  • Producer: Adriane Scott-Kemp 

  • Animation Lead: Kenny Kerut 

  • Animator: Fabio Lamarche 

  • Designer: Ana Chang, Hana Eunjin Yean, Grace Poole, Elina Mushinskaya

  • Editor: Ismail Salahuddin

"By combining Kemp’s interview, introspective designs, and a jazz music track, we structured a narrative that would thoughtfully convey his message of inspiration to the audience."

"It was a thrill to discover the handcrafted creativity in the spot; to visualize the evolution of Pixar’s preproduction process that would metaphor Kemp’s words."


"Referencing Soul’s storyboard, environment, and character design process allowed us to create original artwork that would contextualize Kemp’s story into the Pixar’s production design style."