Apple + Olivia Rodrigo


Apple + Olivia Rodrigo "Brutal" Music Video


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Being big fans ourselves, we were elated to be brought into this original and challenging project for Apple and Olivia Rodrigo’s collaboration #MadeoniPad! Our team was uniquely equipped to hone a brand-new workflow using exclusively iPad technology, namely Procreate, to design and animate nearly every asset. Working alongside our talented compositing team, who utilized Nuke for markerless facial mapping, we cel-animated, hand-drew, and pre-projected each face mask using Procreate’s Face Paint technology. With such an out-of-the-box workflow, this project and its development were truly bespoke to our teams’ hard-earned talents and problem-solving skills. 


  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Will Johnson

  • Art Director: Danni Fisher-Shin

  • Managing Director / Executive Producer: Anne Skopas

  • Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh

  • Producer: Sarah S Laborde

  • Designers: Madison Ellis, Madison Kelly, Danni Fisher Shin, Anna Vallario, Maggie Chiang

  • 2D Animators: Madison Kelly, Oliver Wee

  • Cel Animator: Madison Ellis,  Madison Kelly, Griffin Giersch, Nicky Francis, Oliver Wee

  • Compositing Supervisor: Matt Lavoy

  • Compositors: Matt Lavoy, Jeff Dragon,Cris Kong, Michael Loney

  • Director: Petra Collins

"Working in Procreate on iPad was something our team had done many times before but never been able to utilize for in-studio work. This was the perfect opportunity to flex our skills! With a team of talented designers and cel animators, we worked exclusively on iPad and developed a clean and streamlined workflow to create, animate, and pass off each asset to our compositing team seamlessly."



"Because there were so many shots, we automated as much of the facial tracking process as we could. First we used the latest facial recognition features within the 'keen tools' nuke plugins to project the footage onto the custom face geometry. Then we could unwrap the footage of the faces to align with the masks animations from procreate. This allowed us to easily see where we needed to integrate the animation with the eyes and facial expressions."