AMD 'Together We Advance'

The moment you engage with an AMD RyzenTM powered laptop, it changes everything – advancing your gaming, creating, streaming, and connecting experience. This moment in time is what these films aimed to explore. To live in that feeling and capture the user’s experience visually, seeing these internal emotions of delight and excitement portrayed on the outside in an artful form. With the power of AMD RyzenTM, users can let their expression and imagination run wild in a world of endless possibilities, untethered from wires or limitations, low speeds or bandwidth issues... anywhere... all the time.

  • Production Company: Scholar 

  • Director: Chris Finn

  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh

  • Line Producer: Rich Kaylor

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Chris Finn

  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh

  • CG Supervisor: Kevin Kolodinsky

  • Sr Producer: Seth Gantman

  • Coordinator: Rianne Webb

  • Designers: Jina Kwon, Kiron Binsworth Robinson, Madison Kelly, Sean Martin, Alejandro Robledo,  Jose Manuel Ponce, Javier Tommasi

  • 2D Animators: Leah Evans, Sam Bachmann, Mike Tello,  Garret Walter

  • 3D Generalists: Matt Berenty, Yas Koyama, Christina Kuong

  • Dynamics/FX: Alex Liou, Timur Salikov, Travis Saul, Erik Zimmerman

  • Lead Compositor: Kevin Njoo
  • Compositors: Rachel Moon, Crystal Chinn, Funchun Chu

  • Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy

  • Storyboards: Daniel Colon

  • Editor: Bryan Keith

  • Media Manager: Adriana McKinley

  • Telecine: RCO 

  • Colorist: Seth Ricart

  • Client: AMD

  • Head of Creative: Shane Metcalf

  • Director, Creative Campaigns: Lee Carolson

  • Director, Creative Campaigns: Bass Phillips

  • Creative Campaigns Manager: Jessica Cutrer

  • Product Campaigns Manager: Suzanne Baldwin

  • Dir. Global Consumer Marketing: Sofia McDaniel

  • Director, GTM Gaming: Darren McPhee

  • Sr. GTM Manager, Global Consumer: Lauren Paver

  • Sr. GTM Manager, Gaming: Brian Joyce

  • GTM Manager, Global Consumer: Sepehr Olfatmanesh

  • Marketing Coordinator, Gaming: Marcelo Escobedo

  • Agency: Drumroll, A Bond Company

  • Creative Director: Lyle Jenks

  • Senior Art Director: Max Rasche

  • Head of Production: Ashli LeClair

  • Producer: Jesse Ferguson

  • Group Account: Nicole Sanchez

  • Account Director: Susanne Stafford

  • Account Sup: Tara Gremillion, Blake Band

"Vibrant and curated color palettes were used to portray the intensity of energy FX. We used the AMD palette as a base and expanded with accent colors to give each scenario a unique look and feel that felt as exciting and vivid as the experience itself."


"The process behind these films was all about layering: from live action footage and in-camera color projections, to animated FX and hand re-lighting in CG. We created a unique set of tools that could be replicated and customized across all films."