Adobe x Tierra Whack


Adobe x Tierra Whack 'Try New Things'


Animation, Live Action

When Adobe came to us with the idea of a collaboration with Tierra Whack, we immediately thought, “Let’s get weird!” The task was to combine live action footage of Tierra with an animated world representing her unique visual aesthetic - and that got us buzzing with excitement. We brainstormed lists, made sketches, made bigger lists, made more sketches, and then began to sculpt what her world would look like inside of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Using a blank Adobe canvas as our starting point, we crafted a story that bursts to life as Tierra describes her creative process. In developing the world, we wanted everything from the characters to the objects to be “W” themed, on-brand for Tierra Whack. In the end, the entire process from start to finish was as fun and exciting as the campaign itself.


Production Company: Scholar
Director: Chace Hartman
Managing Director: Christina Roldan
Executive Producer: Lisanne McDonald
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Line Producer: Brooke Loonan
DP: Aaron Platt
Production Designer: Gregorio Racadio

Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Chace Hartman
Managing Director / EP: Christina Roldan
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Art Directors: Amy Wallace, Dennis Go
Sr Producer: Gregory Behrens
Designers: Ana Chang, Zach Herdman, Amy Wallace, Seth Brau
Animators: Sam Button, Sam Bachman, Seth Brau, Matt Everton, Dennis Go
Compositors: Dae Kang, Rachel Moon
Flame Artist: Dae Kang
Storyboards: Daniel Colon

Editorial: Scholar
Editor: Ben Keller

Mix & Sound Design: M Squared Productions

Music: Interscope Records
Artist & Track Name(s):
Tierra Whack - “Hungry Hippo”
Tierra Whack - “Door”

Client: Adobe
Agency: Pereira O’Dell


"We got as weird as we could right from the onset, which helped us go into the shoot already knowing how in-camera performance and animation should interact and feel, ultimately leading to a seamless story arc and delivery."


"Finding the right tone for this vibrant, imaginative world was crucial and required close collaboration between Adobe, Tierra Whack and our design team."