The Kaplans

The Kaplans are a creative duo. Sam is the man behind the lens and Laura is the creative engine. While some artists use pencils and some use CG, The Kaplans' medium of choice is the product itself. For them, any new creative challenge starts with becoming incredibly versed with their subject matter - breaking the product down to its core components and reconstructing it in surprising ways. Discovering a brand's story through experimentation that feels exciting and different is what they're all about. Their knowledge of what's out there in the food/beverage, beauty, and product space runs deep, with past clients including everyone from Hershey's, Dunkin,' and Jose Cuervo, to Kiehl's and CVS Beauty, to Square and Google. 

With a fully outfitted studio to capture their vision, The Kaplans thrive on opened-ended requests, and fluid knowledge of their craft allows them to continually reinvent for their clients. When not obsessing over shots, The Kaplans are obsessing over food and hanging with the two small humans they created.