Madison Ellis

For Madison Ellis, a particular style or medium is no match for a beautifully crafted story. 

This self-proclaimed “art kid introvert” with the heart of a director has an eagerness to collaborate, a lifelong love for telling engaging stories from every walk of life, and a fiery passion for all things creative problem-solving.

Formerly from the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, Madison has always found her home forming spaces of inclusivity while creating work from every discipline. A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, she has led projects from fully character-driven CG and graphic/tactical 2D animation to live-action with stylistic human moments not to mention many eye-catching, scroll-stopping blends of all of the above. Madison never stops learning and is not afraid of mashing mediums, throwing in bold colors, and getting her hands dirty. Her portfolio includes everything from social campaigns for Facebook News and Audi to bringing diverse characters to life for Taco Bell, Apple, Google, Amazon, and ESPN. You can explore more by reading Madison's Motiongrapher feature, "Intern to Art Director," and catch her articles for Maxon and Procreate