Irma Hasanic

No matter how big or small, intricate or ordinary, Irma sees personality in everything. Upon examining her subject, her keen eye for detail quickly picks up on the charm and character within. Those essential intriguing qualities center as the heart of the story she crafts.

Her toolkit includes bold colors, satisfying textures, vivid illustrations, smooth kinetic type, and lively collages. Equipped with versatile skills and an eagerness to explore a variety of techniques and aesthetics, Irma is prepared for any challenge.

Born in Berlin to Bosnian parents, Irma grew up in the humid heat of Florida, where she spent every summer under the sun and on the beach. Her passion for art led her to the Savannah College of Art and Design, and ultimately to her dream of designing and directing in the City of Angels. Here, her love of heart and soul serves as the compass for the alluring stories she composes with clients like Zedd, Apple, Facebook, Chevron, Bric, and Taco Bell.