Yule Log 2016


Recent, Animation

Created by Dan Savage as a means for design and animation community to contribute their own slice of wackiness to the already visually saturated festivities of the holidays - Scholar’s team of art directors, designers and animators created something even deeper than an animated loop for Yule log 2016. The goal of the piece was to utilize our team’s amazing array of skill sets and push the concept into a layered world of abstraction and conceptual dynamite. Take a few minutes and let the scenes play out in front of you, but be careful, they are incredibly mesmerizing.


Leads: Macauley Johnson, Chris Finn, Michael Tavarez
Producer: Nicole Smarsh
Designers/Animators: Hana Eunjin Yean, Trish Janovic, Cristina Barna
CG Generalists: JP Rooney, Kevin Njoo, Ryan Kaplan

“As we go deeper into the dreams of the resting stump, its visions of a roaring Yule Log become more complex and abstract, inviting an audience to gaze and wonder, drifting off into a dream themselves.”

Sketches & Process