Travelers & The Dominion



Recent, Animation

Travelers and the Dominion merging paths paved the way for an intriguing story to unfold. We needed to find certain vignettes that could detail the essence of the two insurance agencies, but also stir the humanity that lay at the foundation of both. The result was something of a mash-up between simply designed environments and melodic animations and timings. There had to be a perfect balance of the two, making sure that no character was more or less important than the last, showing that no matter where you are, you’re under the umbrella.


Post Production Company: Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Producer: Nikki ManiolasArt Director: Tommy Wooh
Designers: Heidi Berg, Heather-Lynn Aquino
2D Animators: Tommy Wooh, Heather-Lynn Aquino
3D Animators: Tyler Lancaster, Kevin Ferrara
3D Modelers: Juan-Carlos Cuadra, Robert Kim, Kevin Ferrara
3D Generalists: Kevin Ferrara, Robert Kim
Compositor: Tommy WoohAgency: Fallon Minneappolis

“We were very careful about the balance of energy for energy’s sake. We wanted the emotional moments to ring true. Our characters needed to come to life, and we needed to feel for them.”