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LA Live in downtown Los Angeles has always been something we wanted to create content for. With Saatchi LA, we finally had the chance to create a journey through the iconic landscape of LA, following the Toyota RAV4 as it traveled from the beaches to the hills to downtown. From location to location we developed different ways to introduce the vehicle, posing it in any manner from a simply heroic angle to something that becomes much more dynamic, interacting with the stage around it and coordinating and choreographing the animation among the screens at the venue.


  • Creative Directors: Will Johnson & William Campbell
    Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
    Producer: Tyler Locke
    Art Director/Lead: JP Rooney
  • Designers: JP Rooney, James Levy, Heather Aquino, Sang Shin, Jordan Lyle, Maculay Johnson
    Animators/Designers: Jake Portman, Jordan Lyle, Macauley Johnson, Tommy Wooh
    Lead 3D Animation: Damon Snyder, Tyler Mele
    3D Generalists: Tucker Corsen, Henry Foster, Damon Snyder, Kim Vongbunyong, Michael Ko, Mikey Rogers
    Lead Compositor: Tommy Wooh

“Get out and see the world.     

     It's time for an adventure.”

LA Live Experience

The LA Live screens became a significant part of our design exploration. Playing with the interaction of the displays and how we could animate the RAV4 through the environment was incredible. When we visited and were able to experience it ourselves, the playfulness of the transitions and use of the secondary and tertiary screens made us feel like we were on a journey ourselves.