Tis the season of sales, sales and more sales. We love them of course, but are surrounding by them It’s not until you sprinkle a little Busby Berkeley, Target’s beautiful arrangement of products and Old Hollywood’s glittery glam into the mix that you can create something amazing. And you best believe we had ourselves one hell-of-a-time creating a world with Target where it felt more like a play land than a sales event. In the end we loved what we created as much as we loved where they lived. Toying with nearly every aspect ratio from 16:9 to 1:1, our team is savvy and always up to the task to create something amazing.


  • Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
    Creative Directors: William Campbell and Will Johnson
    Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
    Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
    Art Director: Dennis Go
    CG Supervisor: Adam Burke
    Senior Producer: Sue Yee Hubbard
    Designers: Dennis Go, JP Rooney, Trish Janovic, Cristina Barna
    Modelers: Adam Rosenzweig, Kintan Chauhan
    Lighters: Cody Chen, Joseph Grossman, Lucy Choi, Michael Papagni
  • 3D Animation: David Lee, Jason Wolley, Nick Dubois, Walter Lubinski, Brandi Dimelo
    Compositors: Coche Gonzalez, Fred Kim, Mo Thavornwatanayong, Shuyi Wu
    Storyboard Artists: Gabriel Pages, Trish Janovic
    Music: Rendition of the Nutcrackers Russian Dance
    Sound Design/Mix: Inhouse

"The more it felt like it was created on a massive set with some director yelling through an old time megaphone, the more we knew we'd conquered the challenge."

Building for a Social World

Because these spots lived beyond the TV screen we had to be careful with how we imagined compositions, how we grabbed the viewers attention from the start and how the worlds ultimately came to life. We conquered every piece of digital and social real-estate as we helped push out a staggering number of deliverables. We’re happy to share just a few of our favorite moments with you.