Recent, Live Action

Explosions? Check. Disco Balls? Check. Our favorite flavor combination? Check.
This time with Svedka, we pushed the idea of a split screen to create a series of high octane collisions—moments that come together to personify a feeling, a blast of refreshment in one sip. Working alongside the wonderful people at Bensimon Byrne, we helped craft a narrative that doesn’t follow the typical journey from start to finish, instead relying on an artistic collection of textures, color and choreography to build anticipation from scene to scene. In the end, the overall spot includes a few Easter eggs and just the right amount of explosive firepower. Pinkies up.


  • Production Company: Scholar
    Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
    Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
    Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
  • Line Producer: Adam Baxter 
    Art Director: Chris Finn
    Producer: Nikki Maniolas
    Technical Director: Tim Hayward
  • Editor: DJ Cosgrove
    Designers: Trish Janovic, James Levy
    3D Generalists: Gaby Gorostieta, Paul Hargrave,
  • Mike Ko
    3D Liquid Dynamics: Ben Lopez
    Nuke Compositors: Kev Jones, Chris Russo, Lior Weiss
  • Client: Constellation Brands
  • Agency: Bensimon Byrne
  • Audio: Apollo Studios

“It’s smooth and electric. It’s dance party and saxophone. It’s flamethrowers and water balloons. That’s what Blue Raspberry is to us.”