Form Is Function


In the summer of 2015 we launched Scholar Manufacturing. As a collective of multimedia designers ourselves, we know the care that goes into one’s craft, and the tools that have become extensions of ourselves to do so. We wanted to reach outside of the box and experiment in a world that was both similar and unfamiliar to our own. We thoughtfully developed each nook, pocket and space of our goods so that the tools we use to create with daily are always at our fingertips. Each in its intended place without ever having to sacrifice clean, streamlined style for function. Our leather bags and accessories live perfectly at the crossroads of luxury and utility.

Please drop by Scholar MFG. It's the manifestation of our desire to create something beautiful, lasting and physical.

“Living as a creative in a digitally saturated space, there is always a need to design and build something physical. SMFG represents that. It’s something that ages with its owner and enriches their real world experiences.”