QF Radio



Recent, Animation, Live Action

We wanted to be able to personify the sound and voice of QF Radio and all of the things it has to offer. By not only defining the culture of the station itself but also the subject matter it entails we were able to cover a huge amount of ground visually.

As we began to embellish on the visual characteristics of sound, we arrived at an animated cluster of sound waves, giving the audio the personality it needed. As the audio builds and builds we reveal more and more of the subject matter that QF Radio represents. The dynamism of the camera moves and integration of the live action with CG waves also takes part in the character of the piece, representative of the broad range of genres that the Qatar Foundation covers.


  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Executive Producers: Rachel Kaminek, Lindsay Bodanza
  • Producer: Ivan Stoilkovich
  • Production Supervisor: Mirjam Kostichek
  • DP: Craig Kief
  • Senior VFX Producer: Emily Gleicher
  • Storyboard Artist: Mark Millicent
  • Art Director: JP Rooney
  • Technical Director: Henry Foster
  • Designer: James Levy
  • 3D Artists: Tucker Corson, Damon Snyder, Tim Hayward, Ben Grangereau, Dony Permedi, Matt Connolly, Christina Lee
  • Houdini Artist: Alvaro Segura
  • Particles: Jae Hyun Yoo
  • Hair Specialist: Joong Choi
  • Rigger: John Riggs
  • Nuke Compositors: Cris Kong, Miguel Bautista
  • Roto Artist: Salvatore Randazzo
  • Composer: Gregory Reeves
  • Flame: Method
  • Flame Artists: Aaron Neitz, Aidan Thomas
  • Sound Design/Mix Company: On Music and Sound
  • Sound Design/Mix: Chris Winston, Chip Mullaney
  • Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
  • Editor: Nathan Petty
  • Client: QF Radio

“Embodying the culture of Qatar, QF Radio wanted to create something that spoke to the range of it’s channels and world reaching broadcast. The campaign resulted in appearances in the Dubai airport, Doha’s giant billboards and QF Radio headquarters.”

QF Radio In The World

The print campaign that followed was equally immersive. Designing for billboards that spanned the size of football fields and print elements that needed to fill entire rooms and define the identity of the QF Radio headquarters, was our designers dream. Albeit not necessarily interactive, the prints still needed to spread a message and garner someone’s attention long enough to digest the information. It was an incredible effort on all fronts to create something so large that it defined portions of the landscape around it and became a part of the Doha persona.

To show off the epic scale and work that went into placing our giant billboards, we put together a timelapse video to showcase how large of a project this was. 

As we took on the visual campaign for QF Radio we had a chance to fly to Qatar and visit the beautiful city of Doha. We had an incredible time taking in all of it’s beauty and it acted as a great backdrop to our adventures. Thank you Doha, someday we will meet again.