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A dream of ours has always been to travel back in time to meet our younger self. Rather than spend the time debating the perils of breaking the time space continuum, we focused our efforts on creating an animated piece for Prudential where our character does just that. Leaning heavily on the idea of stop-motion techniques, we pushed the aesthetic to feel as tactile as possible and still carry the personality and magic of a CG world.


Production Company: Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
Art Directors/Lead Designers: Trevor Conrad
CG Lead: Ben Grangereau
Producer: Tyler Locke
Designer: JP Rooney, Daniel Uribe, Yuki Yamada
CG Generalist: Tim Hayward, Mike Ko
3D Modeling & Texturing: Cory Cosper, Mike Dupree , Chris Nolan
3D Animation: Ian Brauner, James Lane, Sarah Wolfe, and Big Foot
Storyboard Artist: Heather Aquino, Brian Deloach
Compositor: Ryan Kirkwood Agency: Droga5
Producers: Nancy Montgomery, Melissa Moore
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Brady
Senior Copywriter: Sara Shelton
Senior Art Director: Paul Meates
Head of Production: Ben Davis
Senior Broadcast Producer: Verity Bullard

“We love the chance to create a tangible set in CG. It allows us to maintain the magic of the real world without having to adhere to the rules of a physical space.”

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