'Imagine A Bank'


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These cleverly simple spots for Provident Bank opened the door for the team at Scholar to flex our character animation muscles in a whole new way. Creating stories around Burt, Randy, Jackie, Lucy and her adorable little Dachshund Coco. We poured our energy into the details, letting the simplicity of the keyframes come to life through a pose here or a hairdo there.

In the end we all have our favorite moments from the 4 spots created. They remind us of ourselves…Maybe, just maybe, these characters are made from a little piece from all of us.


Check out the other character’s stories below.


  • Production Company: Scholar
    Creative Directors: Chace Hartman, William Campbell, and Will Johnson
    Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
    Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
    Senior Producer: Sue Yee Hubbard 
    Producer: Gregory Behrens 
    Designers: JP Rooney, Trish Janovic
    2D Animation: James Bartley, Blake Patrick, Oliver Dead
    Storyboard Artist: Trish Janovic
  • Client: Provident Bank
    Agency: LevLane

The Other Guys - "Jackie, Burt, Lucy & Coco" 



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