PNC Bank 'Word Play'


Recent, Animation

What happens when banking is centered around people rather than numbers? The client wanted to channel a community-based approach with its campaign, and to do so, we experimented with playful, minimalistic animation to bring characters to life against a backdrop of illustrated typography. We worked together with Deutsch NY to create poignant vignettes of characters gathered in a park, at a farmer’s market, building, working, and playing, eventually revealing the letters of ‘TOGETHER’ as the set for their living, breathing, micro environment. 

  • Production Company: Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza

  • Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek

  • Art Director: Jordan Lyle

  • Producer: Nikki Maniolas

  • 3D Animators: Ben Grangereau, Andrew Kim, Robert Kim
Character Animators: Sharon Huang, James Lane, Sam Ortiz
Designers: Geoffrey Godet, Shawn Lee, Burcu Sankur
  • Agency: Deutsch NY
EVP / Director of Integrated Production: Joe Calabrese

  • Producer: Dylan Mizner
Assistant Producer: Halley Mangano

  • Senior Art Director: Art Boonklan

EVP / Group Creative Director: Joanne Scannello

  • EVP / Executive Creative Director: Jeffrey Vinick
Account Executive: Alyssa Bush
Account Supervisor: Mark Donohue

  • VP / Account Director: Amber Seale
EVP / Group Account Director: Barbara Chandler

  • VP / Planning Director: Naomi Goldin
  • Copywriter: Randall Head
  • Client: PNC Bank

“The campaign’s elegant simplicity begs the viewer to re-visit and observe the subtleties of the secondary characters and surrounding environmental details.”

Character Study


Despite the 2D style of the campaign, the team took it one step further by animating entirely in 3D. Doing so allowed the team the flexibility needed to infuse the spot with warmth and personality, emoting the characters with an extraordinary level of detail in their range of motion. The challenge was to choreograph the eye while still maintaining a minimal approach to the animation. As we built an obstacle course from the letters of the word ‘TEAMWORK’, our goal was to convey a sense of harmony and shared accomplishment as our characters struggle together crossing the letters’ terrain, ultimately completing the obstacle course as a team, and triumphing together.