We’re constantly creating. Our brains are wired that way. Drawing inspiration from everyday moments our team knows the value in telling stories that define them. Stories that we can all relate to and that have a presence in the design and animation world. We are currently in development on a couple projects that we cannot wait to share with you. 

Doing It Our Way

Specializing in everything from animation and live-action to visual effects and storytelling, GS continues to push the limits of creation. Bringing the creative process to the forefront we’ve utilized out internal short stories to springboard our narrative and technical processes forward. From the quirkiness of The Trials and Tribulations of being a Skeleton, to the all out immersion and interactivity of Truffle Pig, our goal is to always stay at the helm of the creative process.


Creating Worlds

On top of being incredible problem solvers and technically savvy, our artists are exceptional storytellers. We pride ourselves on consistently challenging the team to continue to create. To discover new ways of telling stories. Pushing the mediums as far as we can and keeping ourselves creatively fulfilled.


The stories we develop in-house allow us to push brands further and also open the door to where these stories can live. At the moment we are developing short form and long form content, narratives that stretch beyond the comforts of our world. Our goal is to help shape the world of design & animation by developing content that lives beyond our everyday mediums.

The Places We Go

Our Digital World

Creating for social content is something we take pride in as well. Pulling in elements to cross-pollinate in different mediums, using the ratio of the screen to tell stories in intriguing ways and compacting narratives into timelines that have more impact. Our brains are always working to push a story further and we've been handed the gift of social mediums to create. We're still uncovering new and interesting ways to write stories that can be absorbed quickly and effortlessly in these short form visual bursts. If you have a story that is ready to unfold in any digital or social platform please give us a shout, we're ready for the challenege and look forward ot creating.