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This could be the only car ad where you’ll spot a space cadet, butler, ballerina, and raccoon – all in one scene. Challenged to showcase a multitude of features in a 90-second spot, we relished the opportunity to delve into character development, creating seventeen different personalities to represent Blue Link’s array of services. We had a lot of fun giving each an individualized personality and animation style while still living in an expansive, elegant environment. We loved brainstorming clever transitions for our characters to move in, playing with scale, and using cel animation to craft extraordinary detail and give the spot a handcrafted feel. From the flap of the butler’s coattails, to the way a texture extends from one scene to the next, we loved building the metaphoric vignettes of this spot.


  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
  • Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
  • Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
  • Producer: Nikki Maniolas
  • 3D Animators: Ben Grangereau, Tim Hayward, Mike Ko
  • Compositor: Mike Ko
  • Character Animators: Sharon Huang, James Lane, Sam Ortiz, Jessica Ramirez, Sarah Wolfe
  • 2D Animators: Peter Lee, Shawn Kim, Sang Shin
  • Designers: Peter Lee, Shawn Kim, Sang Shin, Angie Son
  • Client: Hyundai
  • Agency: Innocean

“The challenge of designing and animating seventeen characters allowed us to delve into our imaginations and create a rich tapestry of eclectic personalities.”

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