Gatorade Bolt


Gatorade Bolt 'Hydrate Your Hustle'

It’s time to shake up the way we think about working out. It’s time to bring fun to the forefront. That’s precisely what we did for Gatorade’s G-Zero, bringing vibrant color and eccentric animation to the multifaceted and endlessly exhilarating world of fitness. And not just your run-of-the-treadmill kind of fitness –we set out to capture the dynamism of the many different ways to get active, making it as fun onscreen as IRL. So dive into our process below to catch all glimpses of activity, hustle, and fun bottled up in this excitingly electric campaign.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar 
  • Creative Directors: Will Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke 
  • Art Director: Macauley Johnson 
  • CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward 
  • Senior Producer: Kirsten Noll 
  • Designers: Hana Yean, Trish Janovic, Vin Kim, Jina Kwon, Gretel Cummings, Madison Ellis, Cynthia Lou, Nick Illuzada, Angie Son
  • 2D Animators: Sam Bachman, Marco Campobasso, Kenny Kerut, Wu Hyun Lew, Henry Pak 
  • Cel Animators: Tristan Balos, Taik Lee, Sam Maurer, Angel Stempel 
  • 3D Model/Texture: Allan Bernardo 
  • 3D Generalist: Patrick Warner 
  • Dyanmics/FX: Tim Hayward 
  • Compositor: Matt Lavoy 
  • Editor: Jason Webb

"Bringing fun to the forefront of fitness meant putting vibrant animation and a healthy dose of weird on display in a no-holds-barred edit of excitment and joy."


"To create a hair-raising edit with a visually seamless throughline, we extensively sketched and designed our story beats, crafting their compositons and shaping action down to the pixel."