Facebook Gaming


Facebook Gaming 'More Than Fun'



Through the lens of young gamers and streamers, this spot for Facebook Gaming aims to truly encapsulate the joyful spirit of gaming.

We did so by mixing the drama of life and the energy of illustration to embody a world we want to be in. A world that is connected and fun, where human emotions can play out in full. A world that is effervescent and whimsical, and full of visual wonder.

Combining our design brains with our lens-driven eyes gave us just the right canvas to paint these personalities and bring their inner gamer to life. As the camera weaves through different parts of the world and the emotive illustrations dance around our heroes, we’re reminded of the widespread love for gaming that brings people together. Moments of charm, fun and excitement that highlight the strength of the platform and integrate seamlessly into the brand of Facebook Gaming.


Production Company: Scholar
Directors: Will Johnson, Chris Finn
Managing Director / EP: Jo Arghiris
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
Line Producer: Richard Kaylor
DP: John Houtman
Production Designer: Rudin Causi

Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Will Johnson
Managing Director / EP: Jo Arghiris
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
Associate Creative Director: Chris Finn
Producer: Nicole Smarsh
Lead Designer: Cam Floyd
Designers: Jina Kwon, Niv Bavarky, Ken Gunn Lee, Grace Poole, Morgan Schweitzer
Lead Animator: Vin Kim
2D Animators: Madison Kelly, JY Kim, Sam Kim
Cel Animators: Lyuben Dimitrov, Taik Lee, Jamal Otolorin
Compositor: Ian Blewitt
Flame Artists: Matt Lavoy, Amir Qureshi
Storyboards: Gordan Kljucec, David Larks

Editorial: Scholar
Editor: Jason Webb

Telecine: The Mill
Colorist: Adam Scott

Mix & Sound Design: 740 Sound
Music: Marmoset
Artist & Track Name: 'King Queen' by Ønders

Client: Facebook
Agency: Heat SF

"Every animated piece is an extension of our characters. Their swagger. The way they walk. The way they live. All captured in illustrated form. Clean and integrated as it weaves seamlessly into the filmic backdrop."


"We dove deep into buckets of visuals from Facebook UI to original game IP all the way to random visual representations of joy, fun and excitement and generic gaming accents."