ExtraMan for ExtraMile


ExtraMan for ExtraMile "The Extra Dream"



We were thrilled to come back to the beloved world of ExtraMan for another epic saga. Last year our team meticulously designed every corner of the ExtraMile store. This time we were able to focus on performance and find new clever ways to capture Extraman’s larger-than-life personality.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar 
  • Creative Director: William Campbell 
  • Art Director: Liam Elias 
  • Managing Director/Executive Producer: Anne Skopas 
  • Mangaging Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll 
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh 
  • CG Supervisor: Kevin Kolodinsky 
  • Senior Producer: Seth Gantman 
  • Producer: Kevin Jones 
  • Production Coordinator: Rianne Webb 
  • Designers: Madison Kelly, Aivy Nguyen, Elina Mushinskaya 
  • 2D Animator: Leah Evans 
  • Cel Animator: Dennie Bright 
  • Model/Texture Artists: Don Joun "DJ" Kim, Diego Melgar, Ariane Pelissoni
  • Animation Supervisor: Han Hu 
  • 3D Animators: Stephen Van Wyk, Derek Friesenborg, Melik Malkasian, William Rodgers, Michael Sime
  • 3D Generalists: Kirt Critoph, Brice Linane 
  • Lighters: Kevin Njoo, Jensen Abler 
  • Dynamics/FX: Steven Dvornik, Erik Zimmerman
  • Rigging: Ohad Bracha 
  • Compositors: Rachel Moon, Kevin Njoo
  • Flame Artist: Ryan Kaplan 
  • Storyboards: Daniel Colon 
  • Media Manager: Adrianna McKinley 

"A highlight for the new series was the creation of the ExtraHome. We expanded the world beyond the automatic sliding doors and into the heart of Extraman’s living room, filled with extra unnecessary things that are very essential to ExtraMan. Small action figure of himself? Check! Cardboard cutout of himself? Check, check!"


"As we extend the Extra World we meet the people who live in it. Our characters are a reflection of the world around us; a diverse group of folks from different backgrounds, styles, and personalities."