'Why Do You Play?'


Recent, Animation, Live Action

You had us at football.

We were immediately inspired by the opportunity to create something bold and intense for the DraftKings campaign. And no, it’s not just because we love football. We are thrilled to accept the challenge of singling out fantasy fans; talking to them in their language and tapping into their passion for the game. Because let's be honest, it's a little like looking in the mirror. We are so familiar with the language that it forced us to go deeper. We didn’t want to use game footage you’ve seen over and over. Instead, we honed in on the fantasy players and spoke directly to them with bold typography; the “brain” of our spot. Next was the “heart;” the footage. We explored different ways of shooting and using slow motion shots and in-camera effects to increase the drama and intensify the experience for the viewer.


  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
    Creative Directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson, Chace Hartman
    Executive Producer: Christina Roldan
    Head of Prodution: Rachel Kaminek
    Line Producer: Robert Morales
    Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda
    Production Designer: Peter Kirkegaard
  • Coaching Consultant: Harvey Stables
    Art Director: Trish Janovic
    CG Supervisor: Adam Burke
    Producer: Gregory Behrens
    Designers: Chris Finn, Macauley Johnson, Cam Floyd, Hana Eunjin Yean, Hanna No, Andy Lyon, Leah Evans, Vin Kim, Christina Liang, Jina Kwon, Juan Carlos Cuadra
    2D Animators: Jaewoo Park, Juan Monasterio
    Compositors: Joseph Brigati, Ari Reisner, Victor Torres, Kristjan Zaklynsky
    Flame Artists: Kieran Walsh, Jamie Scott
    Storyboards: Iain Slack

  • Editorial: Whitehouse Post
    Editor: James Dierx
    Assistant Editor: Sam Omenn

  • Telecine: Carbon VFX

  • Audio & Music: Human World Wide

  • Client: DraftKings

  • Agency: Deutsch New York
  • Chief Creative Officer, North America: Pete Favat
  • Chief Creative Officer, NY: Dan Kelleher

    Director of Integrated Production: Joe Calabrese
    Director of Print and Art Production: Sarah Manna
    Executive Print Producer: Jeanette Luis
    Print Producer: Melissa Betancur
  • Associate Producer: Marieme Sall
    Executive Creative Director: Pete Johnson
    Creative Director, Art: Marques Gartrell
    Creative Director, Copy: Heather English
    Art Director: Krishnan Karunanidhi
    Account Director: Andrew Arnot
    Account Supervisor: Emily Doll
    Account Executive: Mina Mukherjee

The Campaign

 'We’ve achieved a spot that re-creates the instinctive emotional engagement fans feel when watching a game, but it goes to the next level because YOU, the viewer, are IN the game'.