Cisco Spark

'The Space Hotel'


Recent, Live Action

Space. The next Wild West. A conquerable frontier full of exciting possibilities and amazing adventure. As the world keep pushing further and further into the skies beyond Earth, Cisco dug in another direction. Presenting an answer to a question that has dogged many adventurers as they plan the great escape to the beyond. Working alongside a group that consisted of interior designers, engineers and astronauts we built conversations into a visual language that led the charge in what a hotel in space may consist of. In the end we used our wonderful team of technologists, designers and creators to compile all of the knowledge into one journey through a 360 Space Hotel.

This is not your mom and pop’s Howard Johnson’s.


  • Production Company: Scholar 
  • Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Director of Photography: Tom Banks
  • Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
  • Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
  • Senior Producers: Jake Hibler, Kirsten Noll
  • Producer: Mike Mannino 
  • Technical Director: Tim Hayward
  • Designers: James Levy, Paul Kim, Juan Carlos Cuadra
  • Editor: Jason Webb 
  • Assistant Editor: Miki Miyazaki
  • 3D Animator: James Lane
  • Animators: Sam Kim, Andrew Pabon, Matt Andrews, Lauren Tom, Michael Taverez
  • Flame: Federico Saccone
  • 3D Generalists: Bill Maloney, Kevin Lim
  • 3D Modelers: Travis Mangaoang, Mike DuPree
  • Lighters: Erick Schiele, Patrick Surace, Robin Kim, Paul Hargrave
  • Compositors: Ryan Kaplan, Rachel Choi, Steven Escarcega, Hector Cabrera
  • Music: Yessian
  • Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  • Client: Cisco Spark

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

- Carl Sagan

In The Beginning

It started with a Spark. Using the Cisco interface and communication technology we gathered to discuss the guard rails of the project we knew we wanted to land in a place that had a foot hold in reality. Our goal was to use the knowledge of our professionals and combine them with our design aesthetics to create something extraordinary. We documented every step of the way and as our process began as sketches, napkin thoughts, it quickly gained traction as the excitement grew.

Conversation to Creation

After our conversations we utilized our wonderful team to dive headfirst into each room within the interior of the Space Hotel. Our goal was to showcase a balance of beauty and substance. A spacial design that could lay a foundation for future space hotels.

'Space Hotel' Sketches

The Documentary

Along the journey we documented every step with our collaborators. The discussions were amazing. Something as simple as how should food be prepared in space became much larger conversations, opening doors into our design language and helping us craft a much stronger visual narrative throughout the piece. In the end we were honored to have a chance to throw our hat in the ring with such amazing people and brains and ultimately take part in such an amazing project.