'Better Banking For Everyone'



Chime “Better Banking for Everyone” is a charming and playful campaign, artfully conceived to reinforce the brand’s core mission of financial stability for all. Scholar worked closely with Barrett SF to ideate and develop over 25 original characters, and their corresponding occupations or hobbies, all of whom needed to seamlessly carry this messaging from one scene to the next.

To get things started, Scholar embarked on an extensive design exploration. In addition to defining physical attributes, we took a deep dive into personality and behavior by giving each character their own personal backstory. This really helped inform the animation and allowed for a more engaging viewer experience. We also had fun working in corresponding props and environments, all of which were tailored towards each unique character.

Optimistic and upbeat, we love how the simplicity of Chime’s philosophy translated so richly. The more times you watch, the more you see. We think you’ll agree there’s something here for everyone!



Design & Animation Company: Scholar
Creative Director: Chace Hartman
Managing Director / EP: Jo Arghiris
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Art Director: Ana Chang
Senior Producer: Aleen Kim
Designers: Ana Chang, Zach Herdman, Liam Elias, Nicole Jooyeon Choi
2D Animators: Ana Chang, Zach Herdman, Amy Wallace, Jaewoo Park
Flame Artist: Carmen Maxcy

Client: Chime
Agency: Barrett SF

"Once we heard the VO from 'Black Thought' of The Roots, we knew exactly how everything should feel. As we merged the look and animation together, it elevated the visuals and vice versa, allowing the sonic and visual portions to partner up and carry one another for a unique and playful spot!"


"The character development and design phase of this project was great fun. We developed several variations and styles in order to zero in on which style married up best with their existing branding, while opening up and expanding on it. By creating their very own animated characters and worlds for the first time, we brought humanity and charm to Chime as well as a little something for everyone to relate to in this campaign."