'21 Savage'


Animation, Live Action

The phrase "Financial Literacy" most likely conjures up memories of dusty textbooks, endless tax forms, and sleep-inducing economic lectures. That is, until you add 21 Savage and some killer animation. Straight up!

This project provided a unique opportunity to deliver an important message of empowerment in a fun and dynamic way with one of the rap game’s biggest stars. Starting with the canvas of a live-action shoot starring 21 himself, we developed and animated a visual language that clarified and reinforced the educational complexities of 21's message through the use of clever illustrative metaphors. The result is a dope, dynamic, and didactic PSA that helps people get excited about taking control of their financial futures.


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Will Johnson 
Art Director: Cam Floyd 
Managing Director: Jo Arghiris
Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Head of Production: Tyler Locke 
Producer: Kev Jones
Designers: Cam Floyd, Jina Kwon, Portia Barrientos, Esther Moon
2D Animators: Matthew Incontri, Jeffrey “Jip” Jeong, Kenny Kerut, Wu Hyun Lew, Henry Pak, Andrew Tan, Lauren Tom, Oliver Wee
Compositors: Krystal Chinn, Andrew Hardaway
Compositing Supervisor/Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy 
Flame Artist: Ryan Kaplan

Editorial: Scholar
Editor: Jason Webb 
Assistant Editors: Eileen Miraglia, Dominic Strazulo

Mix & Sound Design: M Squared
Mix & Sound Designer: Mark Pitchford 

“a lot” by 21 Savage featuring J. Cole

Client: Chime
Agency: barrettSF

"We used 21's natural charisma as a jumping off point for creating exciting animation that helps the audience clearly understand and stay engaged with important, but potentially less-than-utterly-enthralling, financial topics."

Savage Soundbite: 'Money Tip #1'

Savage Soundbite: 'Money Tip #2'

Savage Soundbite: 'Money Tip #3'

Savage Soundbite: 'Scholarship'


"Lines and colors emerge and synchronize into dynamic illustrations over live action footage as we brought life to Chime's clean and colorful vector style."