Chevrolet 'Bolt EV: Owner Stories'



When the team at Commonwealth // McCann came to us with the idea for this campaign, we were thrilled. We loved the idea of bringing the stories of real Chevy Bolt EV owners to life in a fully animated world. Our team got to work immediately on the look and feel of the car, the owners, and their unique locations around the country -- crafting a world that was playful and fun, but still grounded in reality. In the end, we were able to animate six unique spots that look just as good on their own as they do together!


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: Chace Hartman
Art Director: Irene Feleo
Executive Producer: Nic Barnes
Managing Director: Christina Roldan
Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin
Sr Producers: Gregory Behrens, Mike Brown
Designers: Madison Kelly, Kyle Fewell, Tae Kim
2D Animators: Erika Bernetich, Irene Feleo, Joshua Jouppi, Andy Martin

Editorial: Scholar
Editor: Ben Keller

Mix & Sound Design: Duotone
Mix & Sound Designer: Andy Green

Music: APM Music
Track Name: “Hurry Hurry”

Client: Chevrolet
Agency: Commonwealth // McCann

"It was crucial for the campaign to show that Bolt EV owners live all over the country, so we had to find plenty of  little details that would help tell each of the six stories...accents, environments, color palettes, the works!"


"Exclusively using the Chevy color palette created a challenging but fun opportunity for our design team. Finding the right hero colors for each of the six stories helped each spot stand on its own while keeping them all in the same identifiable, branded world."