Bloom Foundation


Bloom Foundation 'About Bloom'

We were deeply excited about Bloom Foundation’s initiative from the moment we were introduced. Bloom is a non-profit foundation that creates programs for teachers, caretakers, and young girls to gain the confidence to recover in the wake of bullying. As a studio, we couldn’t be happier to collaborate on creating an anthem to introduce a wonderful foundation like Bloom to the world.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Directors: Will Campbell, Will Johnson

  • Art Directors: Madison Ellis, Danni Fisher-Shin

  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll 

  • Director of Production: Tyler Locke 

  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh 

  • Producer: Kevin Jones 

  • Associate Producer: Bella Bergeron 

  • Designers: Kirt Critoph, Steven Dvornik  Leah Evans, Irma Hasanic, Macauley Johnson, Madison Kelly, Vin Kim, Aivy Nguyen, Susie Scheer, Mike Tavarez, Hana Yean

  • 2D Animators: Sam Bachman, Alex Bernas, Zach Herdman, Macauley Johnson, Kenny Kerut, Madison Kelly, Sean Martin, Michael Tavarez, Amy Wallace

  • 3D Animators: Kirt Critoph, Vin Kim, Stephen van Wyk

  • Compositors: Kevin Kolodinsky, Rachel Moon, Kevin Njoo 

  • Music: In House Music + Sound 

  • Director of Music: Christopher Wray

“It was important to represent the foundation at its core and the girls who participate in these programs. The multimedia design techniques embodied the diversity of these young girls. We went so far as to bring in girls who had actually participated in Bloom to stitch together our VO.”

“This project was a beautiful exercise in collaboration and the beauty of multimedia creativity: an exquisite corpse in action. Given the creative freedom in communicating something dear to our own hearts, we went absolutely ham putting together an ambitious treatment. We let the style bloom throughout the process until the final piece with mediums from scanned colored pencil on paper, to digital 3D animation, to stop motion, to 2D frame-by-frame drawings. We wanted to push the boundaries of our creative molds and found something new and exciting along the way.”