An Oculus Adventure 'Truffle Pig'


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We are constantly dreaming of stories. Small stories, tall tales, long journeys – anything that feels like an adventure. With Truffle Pig, we created an existential journey through the life of a man (we named him Gustav) and his pet truffle pig. The entire project started from one beautiful landscape painting created by our talented design team, and ultimately evolved into an all-encompassing dive into the magical world of VR. We used the full mixed-media approach that is at our core, utilizing everything from 2D character animation, design and development, to our fully environmental and textural CG landscape chops. 

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Creative Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
  • Head of Production: Rachel Kaminek
  • Associate Creative Director: JP Rooney
  • CG Lead/Unreal Developer: Tim Hayward
  • Art Director: Trevor Conrad
  • Producer: Sabrina Futrell
  • Designers: Sarah Beth Hulver, Macauley Johnson, Jordan Lyle, Michael Tavarez, David Park, Lauren Tom
  • Lighting/Look Development: Ovi Bogdan
  • Cel Animator: Harry Teitelman
  • 3D Generalist: Ben Grangereau
  • 3D Modeling & Texturing: Tiffany Chou, Caleb Ollivant, Xiaoya Zhao
  • 2D Animators: Sarah Beth Hulver, Macauley Johnson, Shawn Lee
  • 2D Compositor: Justin Mays
  • Track Names & Artists:
  • 'Intro Video: The Purge' by David Wingo & Explosions in the Sky
  • 'VR: The Light' by The Album Leaf

We always love the challenge of attempting something we’ve never done before. For us, an Oculus experience seemed like a perfect combination of animation and storytelling through new technologies.”

Play The Journey

Creating a world that is immersive and engaging is not a foreign concept to us. However, creating a world that is immersive, engaging and looks perfect from every single angle, all the while making sure that people enjoy themselves along the way, was a bit more difficult. As our experiment progressed, we learned the rules quickly and we are proud to finally present a download of the experience to the public. We created two versions of the “game” each with a different approach. The first is a simple viewing experience that leads the player along a clearly defined path, allowing them to fully absorb the magical world around them. The other is an engaging free-play version, which lets the viewer really take control and explore each level.


We want you to take part. Become Gustav. Find your own way back home.


The story begins here…


If you have a PC but no Oculus Rift, no worries. You can still take part in the adventure.
Scholar recommends installing Truffle Pig with the default install settings and running Oculus Rift in viewtopic.php?t=15467">extended mode.">Click Here to Download Truffle Pig 2.0

We learned a ton throughout this process. Absorbing the constant dialogue of the VR community and conversations we had internally, we tried everything we could to bring new thinking to the table. It is always great to hear the do’s and dont’s, but as designers and creators we have a tendency to look beyond them and learn for ourselves. This means trying new things, even if they stray away from the norm. Having a chance to sink our teeth into a purely internal project allowed us to really take our time and arrive at a finished product that is a culmination of our creative process. One of our greatest observations throughout this endeavor was how well equipped our artists are to handle a VR project like this. At the end of the day, we are thrilled to have discovered a new medium to pursue.

We have a long way to go to really tap into the true potential of what VR can offer the commercial and storytelling community, and this project is just the beginning for us. It’s really all about feeling something, a connection to the world you’re journeying through.”

'Truffle Pig' 360 Degree Adventure