Amazon Halo


Amazon Halo 'Home for the Holidays'

Every holiday season, there are levels to the family gathering to be conquered –the overwhelming number of questions from inquisitive relatives, the physical prep of delivering a fancy turkey feast, or a once-lively family den turned into a makeshift bedroom. Each interaction is a minigame that challenges our hero to stay healthy and relaxed. For these quests, Amazon’s Halo View is the perfect virtual guide, helping you thrive in the battle of Health vs. the Holidays.

This campaign was a gauntlet of planning. With a cast of a dozen family members, food styling, holiday interior design, and a trained dog, we left no stone unturned when it came to creating an authentic holiday reunion experience.

  • Production Company: Scholar 
  • Directors: Mike Tavarez, Will Johnson
  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
  • Line Producer: Richard Kaylor
  • DP: Dallas Sterling
  • Production Designer: Sara Kugelmass
  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Directors: Mike Tavarez, Will Johnson
  • Art Director: Danni Fisher-Shin
  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh 
  • Sr Producer: Kev Jones
  • Designers: Aivy Nguyen, Amy Wallace, Hana Yean, Irma Hasanic, Jina Kwon, Kiron Robinson, Susie Scheer, Paul Layzell, Mike Tello
  • 2D Animators: Fabio Lamarche
  • Digital Matte Painter: Conrad Allan 
  • Compositor: Rachel Moon
  • Flame Artist: Rachel Moon
  • Storyboards: Fred Fassberger
  • Editor & Sound Designer: Dominic Strazulo
  • Assistant Editor: Adrianna Mckinley
  • Telecine: Company 3 
  • Colorist: Matt Osborne 
  • Mix & Additional Sound Design: LIME
  • Mix & Additional Sound Design: Samuel Casas
  • Music: Marmoset
  • Jules Blueprint - Butterfly Hunter 

"The retro game-styled interface was inspired by our nostalgia for the games of yesteryear. We worked to design an 8-bit video game aesthetic that would ‘level up’ the modern capabilities of Amazon Halo’s health suite."


"To capture the first-person game perspective, our director of photography built a custom camera harness that mounted to a helmet and the talent’s body. The engineering of this mount was designed in a way to allow our talent to walk, turn, and even carry a turkey while having the entire camera rig attached."