'Auto Growth Campaign'



How do you reinvent the playful messaging of Allstate's graphic 'blue world'? You take it into the next dimension--or in our case, the third dimension. With the plan laid out by our wonderful partners at Allstate, we began the creative shift by building a miniature world of safe drivers and saved dollars, adding depth and complexity to the clever messaging behind their rewards programs. Our new perspective allowed for playful motion to be paired with camera-move-reveals that we continued to explore and integrate throughout production.


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Director: William Campbell
Associate Creative Director: Macauley Johnson
Managing Director: Jo Arghiris
Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Head of Production: Tyler Locke
Producer: Kev Jones
Designers: Liam Elias, Irma Hasanic, Vin Kim, Nathan Leung, Wu Hyun Lew, Angelie Pham, Brandon Smith, Logan Sprangers, Javier Tomassi
2D Animators: Sam Button, Andrew Tan
Model/Texture Artists: Jacques Clement, Kevin Lim
3D Animators: Ryan Kaplan, James Lane
Lighters: Jacques Clement, Kevin Lim
Compositing Supervisor: Matt Lavoy
Compositors: Ian Blewitt, Eric Almeras

Client: Allstate Insurance

"Reinventing Allstate's classic messaging platform meant bringing a new perspective to graphic metaphor and kinetic type."


"Although we had a limited color palette, we were able to bring whimsy to each of the vignettes through playful animation and creative camera trickery."