Sean Martin

As a director obsessed with storytelling in all its forms, Sean could be described as a highly functioning addict. His mental database of cinematic camera moves, third act narrative reveals, and boss battle climaxes inform his award-winning directorial work for Apple, Xbox, Verizon, Samsung, Volkswagen, Google, Target, and Mountain Dew among others. Coming from first-hand experience in performing, he loves developing trust with actors and non-actors alike, eliciting the right performance to capture genuine moments in front of the lens. Features of his camera work and cutting style are seen in the kinetic motion through transitions and a driving editorial pace. He has always loved using genre, both by playing into and then subverting conventions to arrive at something fresh and unexpected.

From his first work in the industry as a PA in a feature film editorial department to learning craft from and directing with the renowned founding partners at Psyop, he brings a seasoned eye and over 12 years of experience to Scholar. He has served as a judge for the AICP and Motion Design Awards, won the Muse Creative Awards, and his work has been featured dozens of times in Best of Behance selections, Stash Media, and Communication Arts magazine. While there are many creative tools in his toolbox, from character-driven 3D animation to technical VFX, as a director, he has the most fun capturing lighting in a bottle on set behind the camera.