Danni Fisher-Shin

Danni Fisher-Shin is an avid problem solver and critical thinker. The creative child of career scientists, her artistic talents are almost rebellious, tinged with analytical thinking and an innate disregard for "the way things have always been." Her unique perspective and fiery drive for equality, empathy, and empowerment bring a one-of-a-kind flavor to every piece she creates. Through colorful and bold design choices, she strives to find unexpected connections and thoughtful twists in her world while constantly pushing her own boundaries and exploring new possibilities. 

Born and raised in LA, she explores sculpture, painting, sewing, and every creative practice under the sun before finding her passion with illustration, animation, and direction. Now at Scholar, she uses her creative force to spearhead global campaigns like the Facebook News launch, technical challenges like the Olivia Rodrigo x Made on iPad "Brutal" music video, live-action lifestyle pieces like Starbucks' winter campaign, and everything in between. You can find her featured on Skillshare, Procreate, Dolce & Gabbana’s NS1 launch, Lightbox Expo, the School of Motion Podcast, and more.