Managing Director / E.P. LA

Jo Arghiris

Jo Arghiris

Born and raised in London, Jo began her career at a renowned VFX studio in Soho. The travel bug hit in 2003, so she packed up her belongings, sold her Morris Minor, and spent an action packed 13 months zipping around Australia, South East Asia, and South America.

In November 2004, she landed in New York with nothing but a filthy backpack with a broken zip, one oversized alpaca sweater and a once-white pair of Peruvian plimsolls. Keen to buy herself a warm coat and some more substantial footwear, Jo rejoined the workforce at The Mill and worked her way up through the ranks to Head of Production and Executive Producer.

After 9 years on the East Coast, Jo and her family decided there was one more city they’d like to try on for size. In the summer of 2013, she traded in her 3 story row house for a mid century ranch and ditched the infamous F train for the comparatively infamous 405. Equally passionate about work and home, Jo spends her spare time enjoying the great outdoors and all things Californian with her amazing husband Dan, her beautiful children, Charlie and Thea, and her “spirited” dachshunds, Frank and Ruby.